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Scaramouche A Romance Of The French Revolution Part 1

User: silviya
Scaramouche A Romance Of The French Revolution Part 1
He Was Born With A Gift Of Laughter And A Sense That The World Was
Mad. And That Was All His Patrimony. His Very Paternity Was
Obscure, Although The Village Of Gavrillac Had Long Since Dispelled
The Cloud Of Mystery That Hung About It. Those Simple Brittany Folk
Were Not So Simple As To Be Deceived By A Pretended Relationship
Which Did Not Even Possess The Virtue Of Originality. When A
Nobleman, For No Apparent Reason, Announces Himself The Godfather Of
An Infant Fetched No Man Knew Whence, And Thereafter Cares For The
Lad's Rearing And Education, The Most Unsophisticated Of Country
Folk Perfectly Understand The Situation.

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