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Bardelys The Magnificent

User: disha
Bardelys The Magnificent
"Speak Of The Devil," Whispered La Fosse In My Ear, And, Moved By The
Words And By The Significance Of His Glance, I Turned In My Chair.

The Door Had Opened, And Under The Lintel Stood The Thick-Set Figure
Of The Comte De Chatellerault. Before Him A Lacquey In My
Escutcheoned Livery Of Red-And-Gold Was Receiving, With Back
Obsequiously Bent, His Hat And Cloak.

A Sudden Hush Fell Upon The Assembly Where A Moment Ago This Very
Man Had Been The Subject Of Our Talk, And Silenced Were The Wits
That But An Instant Since Had Been Making Free With His Name And
Turning The Languedoc Courtship - From Which He Was Newly Returned
With The Shame Of Defeat - Into A Subject For Heartless Mockery And
Jest. Surprise Was In The Air For We Had Heard That Chatellerault
Was Crushed By His Ill-Fortune In The Lists Of Cupid, And We Had Not
Looked To See Him Joining So Soon A Board At Which - Or So At Least
I Boasted - Mirth Presided.

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