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Very Vanilla Ice-Cream

Very Vanilla Ice-Cream
I’ve decided that I want some ice-cream. I don’t want chocolate, or
strawberry, or any of those other flavors that drive people wild. I don’t
want to have to walk into Baskin Robbins and choose from 20 different, but
all equally complicated, tastes. I want simplicity. I want very vanilla
ice-cream; surprisingly delicious each and every time.

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A Quick Review

Haha! What a funny piece! Though the crude language did catch me off guard, I found this story very entertaining. Just serious enough not to expect the next punch line, but not too serious that it got boring.

I see there is a second chapter not written yet..? Let me know when it is. I'd love to see how this story ends.


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I guess I better up the age recommendation! Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks for the quick review - I'll let you know when I update :)


Ok, I changed the age to 14+... Do you think that's okay? I'm thinking that we rate movies as 14A in Canada and the language is worse in most of those films... I want anyone high school age to be able to read it.


Oh, yes, it's fine for high school age. Just a couple words here and there. I think 14+ is a good recommendation.


Oh good - thanks!

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