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Darkness Turns To Light

Darkness Turns To Light
Annie was just a simple girl with simple friends. except in her own home. Her father beats her on regular nights and she has no mother. But running into the new kid on the block, Talon, changes her life and gives it more meaning. But she knows her fathers temper and if he found out about Talon then would she be able to stand the terror that lays deep within their family's heartache?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Annie"
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Darkness Turns To Light
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Violet Capri

OMFG what awesome story it starts out so sad but in the end she gets her happy ending I wish life really was like that (not the beating part of course,but the happy ending part)

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believe it or not the story came to me one night when i was sleeping. it was actually a dream that i had and i figured it would make a great story

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I love your cover its gorgeous, and i love the concept of you story please write more and keep me posted :) ~Your friend Faith

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