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This Badboy is a Father

This Badboy is a Father
I need a freaking EDITOR!

"Good looks, CHECK.
Fresh breath, CHECK.
Hot babes, CHECK.
Condoms, CHECK.
Diapers, CHECK.
Baby's Milk, CHECK.

Finding a baby in your car is freaky. Finding out YOU are the father is life changing.
Hunter Martin is your typical player/man-whore in high school. He didn't know buying a beer in Walmart comes with a free baby. His parents are gone to Cabo for vacation. His bestfriend insists on finding a baby mom…"

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Ah, i get what you mean now. haha. Why u mad? lol.... Anyways! There still- i dunno three chapters and it's still on Wattpad and I'm too lazy to add it here. haha

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