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In attempting to make the book of Proverbs a subject of Expository
Lectures and practical sermons it has been necessary to treat the book
as a uniform composition, following, chapter by chapter, the order
which the compiler has adopted, and bringing the scattered sentences
together under subjects which are suggested by certain more striking
points in the successive chapters. By this method the great bulk of
the matter contained in the book is brought under review, either in
the way of exposition or in the way of quotation and allusion, though
even in this method many smaller sayings slip through the expositor's
meshes. But the grave defect of the method which is thus employed is
that it completely obliterates those interesting marks, discernible on
the very surface of the book, of the origin and the compilation of the
separate parts. This defect the reader can best supply by turning to
Professor Cheyne's scholarly work "Job and Solomon; or, The Wisdom of
the Old Testament;" but for those who have not time or opportunity to
refer to any book besides the one which is in their hands, a brief
Introduction to the following Lectures may not be unwelcome.

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