Vampire Prom

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Vampire Prom
Since she was five, eighteen year old Sherry McGovern has been waiting for him to come back. He wasn’t just any guy, he was a vampire. Throughout the years he’d given her signs he was coming back for her, including an intimate kiss they shared when she was sixteen. All Sherry wanted was to get out of the life she was in now. She had no father and a mother who didn’t care. He promised her he’d take the pain away. With prom only a day away, Sherry deep down wants to believe that will be the night he takes her. Will prom night be the beginning of a new life for her? Or will it just be an ordinary night?

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the best book i have read
good job !!!!!

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Aw guys thanks so much, I appreciate the support. It was only supposed to be a short story, but I guess a part two can't hurt. I'll have to brain storm some ideas, maybe write about where she ends up escaping to. I could def. do something with that.

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