Dusty Memories

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Dusty Memories
When Morgan returns to her grandfathers mansion, she finds more than cobwebs, and dust.

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This tale is very nostalgic and sentimental. It has mystery, as well as a longing for love. I voted for it.

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Oh-I didn't know how to spell it so I used spell check haha, goes to show you spell check doesn't really help. Thank you guys for the comments, I am so happy you like it. I am thinking of adding more maybe after the contest I have a few ideas for it.

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Hauntingly strange story which kept my interest. Not too certain about the ending...was he or wasn't he? Nevertheless, well written and very enjoyable. One tiny correction please...change "canape" to "canopy" - one is a bite of food and the other covers a bed!. Well done!

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