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A toxic smog hangs over the land, the Soul-of-the-World is dying, and society has fragmented into lawlessness. As society descends into chaos, a boy with psychic abilities is separated from his twin-sister, the only person who knows his secret. As he battles to save her from the clutches of a mad dicator, he finds out that only he can restore the life-force preventing humanity from extinction.

magic, mentalism, sci-fi
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Wildwood, MO

Like we said, you don't know what Trump's going to do until he does it. And of
course he's bowing to the NRA. Everything he does is for show. He must have
gotten a giggle out of his ""librul"" comments on AR15s, assault rifles of all
sorts being in the hands of every cretin, man, woman and child in the U.S. who
could lift and get one loaded and go out hunting humans for sport. Trump is
always going to be a... mehr anzeigen

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