… and He DOES exist!

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… and He DOES exist!

One thing is for sure — nobody can disprove God. But on the other hand is there any proof that He does exist? If the latter is possible, then the atheistic community is obviously mistaken.

If it can be proved that the God of the Bible does exist, the atheists will be heading for hell because the Bible says: “…to whom has been reserved the gloom of darkness forever.” (Jude 13b).

Von diesem Buch kannst Du online nur eine Leseprobe lesen, da es als ePub hochgeladen wurde. Du kannst das vollständige Buch aber downloaden.

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This President, delivered to our country by billionaires bent on using our
electoral process for their own ends, Putin and his Russian mob oligarchs bent
on plundering and destroying our democracy, the Republican leadership bent on
a win at any cost, and a lot of frustrated voters, is an abomination of
arrogant recklessness and ignorance who needs - in order to begin restoring
the peoples faith in the accountability of... mehr anzeigen

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