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History Of The Wars, Books 3 And 4 (Of 8)The Vandalic War

User: silviya
History Of The Wars,  Books 3 And 4 (Of 8)The Vandalic War
Such, Then, Was The Final Outcome Of The Persian War For The Emperor
Justinian; And I Shall Now Proceed To Set Forth All That He Did Against
The Vandals And The Moors. But First Shall Be Told Whence Came The Host
Of The Vandals When They Descended Upon The Land Of The Romans. After
Theodosius, The Roman Emperor, Had Departed From The World, Having
Proved Himself One Of The Most Just Of Men And An Able Warrior, His
Kingdom Was Taken Over By His Two Sons, Arcadius, The Elder, Receiving
The Eastern Portion, And Honorius, The Younger, The Western. [Jan. 17,
395 A.D.] But The Roman Power Had Been Thus Divided As Far Back As The
Time Of Constantine And His Sons; For He Transferred His Government To
Byzantium, And Making The City Larger And Much More Renowned, Allowed It
To Be Named After Him.

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