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History Of The Wars, Books 1 And 2 (Of 8) The Persian War

User: silviya
History Of The Wars,  Books 1 And 2 (Of 8)   The Persian War
Procopius Is Known To Posterity As The Historian Of The Eventful Reign
Of Justinian (527-565 A.D.), And The Chronicler Of The Great Deeds Of
The General Belisarius. He Was Born Late In The Fifth Century In The
City Of Caesarea In Palestine. As To His Education And Early Years We
Are Not Informed, But We Know That He Studied To Fit Himself For The
Legal Profession. He Came As A Young Man To Constantinople, And Seems To
Have Made His Mark Immediately. For As Early As The Year 527 He Was
Appointed Legal Adviser And Private Secretary[1] To Belisarius, Then A
Very Young Man Who Had Been Serving On The Staff Of The General
Justinian, And Had Only Recently Been Advanced To The Office Of General.

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