A Scrao-book on Fanaticism by an Unknown Person Von:
Harinath Paul (Hari) and Sam Krishna Roy (Sam) are two friends who joined Indian Railways at Kharagpur as a 5-years apprentice mechanical in January 1964.They became very closed and best friend each other. During this training period, Hari loved Maria (Anjali) an anglo-Indian girl whose father was Goerge Gomes, General Foreman of boiler shop in Kharagpur railway workshops,an original Britisher and mother(Agatha) an Indian Hindu Bengali woman.Agatha was residing in his outhouse as a full time domestic help before her marriage with George. After a long ups and down Hari and Anjali became a married couple where Sam played a leading role (both negetive and positive).

Sam became alone after demise of her wife at the age of about 40. Within a few years of his loneliness a terrorist couple took shelter in Sam's house as a tenant showing him the fake Government identity proof of Indian citizenship. Later both were arrested by the Kashmiri police with the help of Calcutta police. Actually, the young man, Md. Ibrahim introduced himself as Mohan Kumar (26-27) who was a Pakistani terrorist and married a Hindu Bengali girl introduced as Bina Kumar(23-24). They found no other alternate but to leave their only child of six months old under custody of Sam, the land lord who brought up her as his grand-daughter. Later she became a most efficient police offcer of Indian Police Service who also became terror to the terrorists of Jammu and Kashmir. She was awarded by Prsident of India for her gallantary service. But she was not happy and her eyes were searching her father and mother amongst the terrorist, live or dead in jail or out side the jail. Ultimately she found both her parents, but she accepted only her mother and left Jammu nd Kashmir on transfer with her grandpa and mother to Calcutta.How she got her parents was a story of thrill and wonderful with tears of emotion.
Anjali's history teacher of her school at Kharagpur railway township, Moinuddin proposed to marry her when she was in class twelve(10+2) as his second wife though he was having a wife live with a daughter. This could not materialise through a series of drama and climax. She became fade up with the jobs in various British and Indian private companies where she had to serve as confidential assistant to Managing Director or Director. Everything was good, but that was with sexual abuses in different forms. Otherwise there was no chance to continue the job. Finally she left the job and joined as a lecturer in a reputed college and started to stay at Calcutta 116 km away from her house at Kharagpur. Being a christian girl, she found easily accomodation in Young Women Christian Association(YWCA) in Calcutta where she came in contact with social service, particularly for the destitutes and older women who were left by their British husbands after British rules ended in 15th August 1947 in India.
Hasina, wife of Moinuddin started a school in their quarter at Kharagpur for the poor girls and illiterate women, particularly of Muslim community overcoming a huge obstacles posed by the Maulovis and Immams. Hasina initially, did not get support from her husband Moinuddin due to the life threatening from those Maulovis and Imamas. Fortunately, a Muslim police officer of Kharagpur police station helped Hasina in all respects to open her primary school. She believed that due to illiteracy and poverty, women of Muslim community become the prey of the patriarchal torture and deprivation socially and economically by them if those women do not obey the fatawah of Imam or Maulovi.
During the Indo-Pak war in 1965, a few maulovis were arrested and punished for the anti-Indian activities. These people were also against Hasina and they once kidnapped and assaulted physically her and her daughter when her husband Moinuddin went to his native village for her younger sister's marriage for a few days. There he found another set-back from his elder sister who was forcibly given Talak(divorce) by her husband on flimsy ground and came back with her two kids. Moinuddin then realised the bad result of poligamy which he himself once wanted to marry Anjai as second wife. He condemned this system of poligamy in Muslim community.

Hasina took initiative to make a non-violent movement with the help of Anjali, Hari and Sam and organised in a district, state and countrwide non-violent movement against all fundamentalists and orthodox Muslims who were doing all anti-Islamic activities, particularly torture on women of Muslim community. Later this fundamentalists and orthodox Muslims were known as Taliban, LeT and other terrorists groups indulging in killing innocent people in the name of Islam.
Hsina and her associates established All India Depressed and Deprived Women Organisation(AIDDWO) and Bilkis, an opressed and tortured Muslim woman became President of AIDDWO. Non-violent movement was spreding like fire throughout world, particularly terror-stricken countries like USA, India, UK, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others.
Military offensive started by Pakistan government against terrorists in Pakistan with the cvilian's support like APDDWO(All Pakistan Dipressed and Deprived Women Organisation), a sistern organisation of AIDDWO. This contued upto 2013 when terrorists were defeated and they surrendered under the two tongue operation by military offensive and civil non-violent movement enmass through out the terror stricken countries including USA, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UK and others. Huge terrorists were killed with lesser number of army. Terrorists groups had to accept the Treaty of Peace forever. Thus Peace was regained in the world.

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A blank book says a lot about its author :-)
The story is found in the blurb. You should try again to place it as a story in the right place.

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The book Enemies of God is a an excellent contemporary women's fiction with practical scenerio of their lives, particularly in one section of religion, that too orthodox communities.I wish its every success in competition.
Every person should rea this book for the welfare of mankind.

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