Take This Chance

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Take This Chance
It always been the girl falling for the male teacher but what if it was the other way around a woman teacher falling for a male student. Harmony Brooks has had a hard life seeing her parents die in front of her eyes at a young age and police never catching the person who did it. Harmony left that all behind her and start fresh in a new small town and becomes a math teacher but what happens if she start to fall in love? Will she take this chance or run away from it?

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This book literally had hardly nothing to do with the book info. It was mainly about and old lady.

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Shanda Stuart

why will you wright a book and put it up if it is not completed?

Please, if you will not complete a book do not put it up. it is frustrating reading a book that is not finish.

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Gelöschter User

please write more! its soo interesting

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