Laser Babies

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Laser Babies
A short disturbing tale from a short disturbed writer. This is a tongue-in-implanted-cheek look at where the cosmetic surgery industry is headed. Be warned. If you are a high-powered corporate executive you may find this story somewhat uncomfortable.

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I sincerely hope this doesn't reflect our real future! Good story though :)

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Mia Tchoukour

This book brought back memories of the movie Gattaca which was about the perfect human vs a God child produced naturally. Very well written.

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Where was Lazer Babies when I was born? Just kidding!!! This was a very thrilling read. I honestly hope that cosmetic surgery doesn't resort to people putting their children under the knife for the sake of a more symmetrical face. This is now probably one of my favorite thrillers on BookRix. You should definitely write more stories like this one.

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good that this will stay only a story, till long! I´m not frightened about designer babies. With epigentics, scientists noticed, that we won´t be able to make designer babies in the next 100 years. Genetics a little more complex than little citizen can imagine. We also can´t clone "Glückskatzen" = cats with three colors. The color is epigentical determined. So you can´t clone your pet. It will always look different. Oh,... mehr anzeigen

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Review - You bring up several good social points in this well written story. How you are raised, what you are taught as a child shapes your social views later on. It becomes a social norm. I could see the future easily becoming just like this story as science becomes more and more our center of morality.

As always, your style of writing proves to be interest catching, and weaves a story that causes the reader to 'think'... mehr anzeigen

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I've read many of your stories on AuthorStand and found them hilarious and entertaining. This was not one of them. Let me explain, I have seen you go from a jovial entertainer to something of a weapon of thought. Your mind and your writing have expanded and you are keeping your light tone but you've set it to a serious foundation which is a great formula for an amazing- and somewhat disturbing- story.
Wonderful job!

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J.C. Laird

Well written, as always. A shiver inducing account of a future "industry," that may well come to pass, although the massacre of the protesters gave me even more serious pause.

I loved the use of business, medical and scientific acronyms and names throughout the story, it definitely added to the realism. How long did it take you to think up those things?

Great little story!

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I liked this. Written with your usual wit, but with a good point. The consmetic surgery industry bothers me too, so way to go for writing this!

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I've heard of something like this before. It was in science class when we were studying gentetics. The teacher said something about a genetically perfect baby, where the parents got to 'customize' their unborn kid so he or she would have all the traits they wanted. I also read a book called Helix where the same thing happened, but everything was ran by powercrazy priests who started making half animal creatures as well.
... mehr anzeigen

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