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A Black African Widow

Poetry Collection Von:
A Black African Widow

In this collection of poetry Assah is deeply concern about the way women and children are treated by the society especially when a man passes on. The inequality between man and women which perpetrate women and children abuse. She has looked at the history of all women and discovered that about 90% of women are suffering under the hands of abusive men. In the poem titled,’ A black bleeding beauty,’ she condemns the deeds of men and give hope to women and children liberation. She further urged all women to take a trip to themselves, find strength in themselves, depend in themselves and learn to develop themselves to cab the issue of depending on men which gives rise to women and children abuse. She portraits a very loving space but full of disappointment when a woman asks his man to be her valentine which is in vain. She painted a picture on how great God is when she talkes about the beauty of nature in,’ He is great.’ She condemned Xynophobic acts in, ‘The ugly monster,’ saying in God’s eyes we are one.

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widow, african, poetry
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