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MacOS Big Sur User Guide

A Complete Illustrated Guide To Download, Install And Master The New MacOS 11 For Beginners And Seniors With Tips And Tr Von:
MacOS Big Sur User Guide

MacOS Big Sur is the new operating system for MacOS that was officially released in June 22, 2020 and available to the public on November 12, of the same year. MacOS Big Sur is the 17th version by Apple computers that transited from macOS 10 (also known as Mac OS X) to macOS 11 for the first time since 2000.MacOS Big Sur presents quicker updates that start behind the background and completes all the more faster to make it simpler to stay up with the latest mac updates, and it incorporates a cryptographically signed system volume that secures against altering.


MacOS big Sur has a complete redesigned features and changes that gives it an edge over the previous version,  this changes in design is the biggest addition to the system as describe by Apple executives.

This Book will teach you everything you need to know about the macOS 11, including requirements, features, and how to install the latest release in the macOS line.


Here are some of the topics:


How To Customize Control Center

How To Hide Menu Bar

How To Drag A Control Out Of The Menu Bar

How To Setup Assistant Accessibility

How To Play Sound On Startup Option

How To Use Safari Built-In Translation

How To Control Wallpaper Tinting In Windows

How To Use Guides In Apple Maps

Instructions To Use Fast User Switching In Macos Big Sur

How To Enhance Voice Memo Recordings

How To Edit Videos

How To Import Settings And Passwords From Chrome

How To Pin Some Control Center Widget To Menu Bar

How To Add More Settings To Control Center

How To Use Cycling Directions In Apple Maps

And so much more…

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