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Bible Stories And Religious Classics

User: Ento
Bible Stories And Religious Classics
There Never Was A Time When The Demand For Books For Young People Was So
Great As It Is To-Day Or When So Much Was Being Done To Meet The Demand.
"Children'S Counter," "Boys' Books," Are Signs Which, Especially At The
Christmas Season, Attract The Eye In every Large Book Shop. Tales Of
Adventure, Manuals About Various Branches Of Nature Study, Historical
Romances, Lives Of Heroes--In Fact, Almost Every Kind Of Book--Is To Be
Found In abundance, Beautifully Illustrated, Attractively Bound, Well
Printed, All Designed and Written Especially For The Youth Of Our Land.
It Is Indeed an Encouraging Sign. It Means That The Child Of To-Day Is
Being Introduced to The World'S Best In literature And Science And
History And Art In simple And Gradual Ways

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