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Rollerblading on the Rings of Saturn

Rollerblading on the Rings of Saturn
Two children, one from Earth and the other from Saturn, overcome loneliness while rollerblading on the rings of Saturn.

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I love books about space!

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This is an interesting story. The dialogue of the Saturnites, while different, was easy enough to understand. Original and refreshing to read.

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petra michelle

Hi Jinnagus! I'm glad you didn't have any problems reading the Saturnites' dialogue! Thank you so for adding it to your favorites! :))

Hi Patricia! I so appreciate your forthcoming comments; esp. on the dialogue of the Saturnites. Definitely not the easiest to come up with an original exchange.

And thank you for adding it to your favorites! :))

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Gelöschter User

What a creative and fun story! It's very original. I like the saturnite way of speaking. It adds to the unique characters living on Saturn. Great job!

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It's an imaginative story for kids and I liked it. Skills do take time to learn, and your book shows kids that something is not always learned the first day.

I was a little confused at the beginning, since the way the children speak on Saturn was a little different. Children might or might not have trouble with the beginning.

I think kids would like your book, since it has lots of action sequences in it.

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I enjoyed reading this warm and delightful story with its unusual setting.

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petra michelle

Am glad you enjoyed to add to your favorites, Antonia! Thank you! :))

Hi Pinky! Thank you for your warm comment! :))

Hi Miranda! Well, Zine intended to return to Saturn to visit his parents in the Moonstone, so am sure he'd stop to visit with his best friend on Saturn! ;)

Am so happy you enjoyed, Miranda! Thank you! :))

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