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My Schism with Ism

A Personal Essay Von:
My Schism with Ism
Before my birth to the present, "isms" are used highlighting significant periods of my life stressing their extraordinary importance in language.

isms, personal essay
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I don't think you fell into and then escaped...antidisestablishmentarianism:) I'm betting money marbles, and chalk I misspelled that. Glad your essay was letter-perfect, and quite interesting. Well done!

Wichtiger Beitrag
petra michelle

Hi Robin! How wonderful to hear from you! How long has it been. I remember so vividly your love and activism (an ism! ;)) for animals.

Thank you so for adding Ism to your favorites. The essay was fun to write, and using isms truly made it that much more fun. I'm so happy you enjoyed, Robin! :))

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