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Immoral Times

Immoral Times
The novel starts with an episode in the youth of three South African kids. Adrian McNeill, his younger brother Johnny and two other childhood friends are engaged in a prank.
Adrian is the leader and a fount of monkey tricks. His brother and friends warn him that his inconsiderate shenanigans will someday have dire consequences for him and his loved ones.
Adrian ignores them.

The story moves forward approximately thirty years. During this time, Adrian has worked for government in Parliament as Legal Adviser.
A broken marriage and lovely daughter Zeta follows.
He is introduced to Mr. Niedermeyer, a boat-builder who has a civil action against an unscrupulous partner.

Adrian lives with the stunning psychologist Minette in Gauteng where he unsuccessfully practises law.
Niedermeyer summons him to Cape Town to pursue the litigation against his erstwhile partner. This leads to a High Court case.
Adrian reacquaints himself with an old friend from his Parliament days and an angling cruise follows.
They experience a hair raising and nearly fatal fishing trip.

Adrian next seeks out his Cape Town flame Alicia who wants Adrian back in her life. Her dad is an immensely rich shadowy figure.

A dishonest erstwhile business partner of his dad meets Adrian on the flight back to Johannesburg, and lures Adrian into the shadowy world of immoral international finance.
Their business partners experience a financial setback and vow to kill Adrian and everyone dear to him.

Adrian’s brother, John hosts a party that culminates in a farewell lunch at the Bush Pub.
Our friends are ambushed. The first part of the prediction against Adrian comes true.
The contract killer proves to be hired by one of the groups Adrian tried to do business with.
Adrian and friends extract their revenge on the killer.
Our little group retreats to a bushveld farm where they try to get over the foul deed that Adrian has once again perpetrated.

Minette and Alicia, get in contact with each other and surprisingly like each other.
Adrian and Minette relocate to Llandudno in Cape Town where the well-to-do Alicia lives.
Adrian mopes around and develops a passion for flying.

Adrian’s friend Krish is a highly talented banker/broker and suggests to Adrian that they perpetrate a gigantic fraud on a bank.

Colin is Alicia’s father and a NIA double agent. He is involved with the Islamic Fundamentalist Freedom Fighters of the Cape.
Colin is murdered and Adrian and his brood find themselves in dire peril.
They decide to flee South Africa, especially as Krish’s swindle seems poised to cause a major upheaval in the international banking sector.
Adrian is left wondering whether Krish is a good or evil being.

Adrian’s family, is now again exposed to danger in the idyllic Madeira.
Will the childhood prediction come true and who will save him?

Peter Nell was a Legal Adviser to Parliament from 1986 up to 2000.
He is involved in private enterprise.

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Action, Adventure, Erotic, Fiction, Fantasy, Novel
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