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Jack will live

Jack will live
It is 2021. Jack is getting ready for his birthday, but does not want to celebrate anything. The streets are empty and everything is quiet...

Jack will live.
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enjoyed it so much :p tho so inaccurate sometimes XD

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enjoyed what little there was to read, am interested in reading the rest when it is completed

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Hi Perry,

Very interesting premise. I like it!
The first sentence hooked me, like it should.

You gave the dog a flaw,(being vegetarian), another good hook.

Yup, I think you've got a keeper:)

Aside from editing and finishing up, I think it should do well.

Thanks for the read,

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I get the feeling there is more to this story. I like post apocalyptic tales. Here's a few tips to help you.

Nine years is a long time. Stuff left in a grocery store will have rotted or been eaten by rodents, except canned stuff, and most of those will probably have exploded.

Does Jack have a plan or a destination? Putting that in will drive you plot more. And, another good plot point, the relationship between Jack and Riley.... mehr anzeigen

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Dear robastor,

Yea my grammar is wack, thats because i speak dutch english and afrikaans.
I know, post apocalyptic story's are cool. they inspire people to adventuristic toughts. I could use a spelling check in my book, maybe you want to team up ? anyway what considers... mehr anzeigen

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