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The Second Class Passenger (Fiscle Part-I)

User: disha
The Second Class Passenger (Fiscle Part-I)
The Party From The Big German Mail-Boat Had Nearly Completed Their
Inspection Of Mozambique, They Had Walked Up And Down The Main
Street, Admired The Palms, Lunched At The Costly Table Of Lazarus,
And Purchased "Curios"--Indian Silks, Javanese; Knives, Birmingham
Metal-Work, And What Not--As Mementoes Of Their Explorations. In
Particular, Miss Paterson Had Invested In A Heavy Bronze Image--
Apparently Japanese--Concerning Which She Entertained The Thrilling
Delusion That It Was An Object Of Local Worship. It Was A Grotesque
Thing, Massive And Bulky, Weighing Not Much Less Than Ten Or Twelve
Pounds. Hence It Was Confided To The Careful Porterage Of Dawson, An
Assiduous And Favored Courtier Of Miss Paterson; And He, Having
Lunched, Was Fated To Leave It Behind At Lazarus' Hotel.

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