Memories and feelings

Memories and feelings

Dear english readers and friends, right now I published my english collection " Thinkings and feelings ", there is a mixture of my living experiences, of the feelings and of the lovely memories. I connected two meanings too. 


First idea " when man respects " shows an interesting man, his respect to the people, his understanding to the social differences, his interest and responsibility for the state, his feelings, his wanting for the own life, his wishing to the personal political activity. 


" An interesting man in Salzburg " offers us an unusuall city guideman, his pride on the native Salzburg, his understanding to the tourists, his enjoying by the introducing of the town.


* Lady from Vienna * introduces an interesting relationship between small boy and young atractive miss, her feeling to the sad boy, the very young man finds a love for first time in his short life. 


The feeling story " Love? " describes the young man and his first thinking to the woman, there is afraid an example of the unhappy love. The young student could never to talk with his favorite girl, but he never forgot on her overall. 


" I could not to talk very long time to her my feeling to her 

  I have never won over myself

  I have been shy very much for my self

  I have been angry very much for my self "


At the part " Roman beauties " we recognize the wealth treasures of the large city Rome and the extraordinary love of the italians to the life in the deep heart of the travelling artist. 


" Summer adventure at the Malta " , here we explore very glad an interesting lovestory among the young romantic man and the common woman, where love does not know the borders, an international friendship is allowed.


I offer a special meaning " people are waiting always " too, my feeling idea to the russian people, to their sad history, because these people are waiting for the good government forever. 


" people are waiting always 

 people are following a voice of the better Russia 

 people are standing bravely before winter palace without gun 

 people are finishing at the own blood 

 Mother Russia is calling her children "

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Ok, 1) research towards an objective (say the eradication of polio) does NOT
mean any one researcher will achieve that objective in his/her lifetime, and
2) one data point (the life time of one researcher) is not adequate
information to evaluate any thing. Heaven's your researcher could have been
hit by a bus. Anecdotes are NOT evidence. This is another article that belongs
in The National Enquirer. Sort of, ""let's see... mehr anzeigen

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