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Ebony's Albino

An Ill Fated Love Von:
Ebony's Albino
Some broken hearts will never mend... ~ Don Williams

A sweet, sweet love that never ends soaring on into an eternity after an inevitable tragedy.

love, lost, anguish
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but it was truly sad. You have a great gift.

Wichtiger Beitrag

And an epic "tail" of true love. What better way for them to end; ah, Romeow and...sorry. The puns are simply a side-effect of my, er, dementia - ha! Anyway, the last line of the story was brilliant, and because I love cats, and because your story was so well connected to their souls, I wiped away a tear, blew my nose, and voted for you (the word "purrfect" belongs somewhere in here, but I won't press my luck...).

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I love your review - should have told you that 7 years ago


That's okay - I appreciate it as much now as I would have then. Thanks!

Wichtiger Beitrag

and humourus. A great little story and well worth my vote. :)
Good luck.

Wichtiger Beitrag

good story for a vote. Paula, I am embarassed as on first take, dogs, on second, cats. At any rate very clever adaption. good luck

Wichtiger Beitrag

this a good story told from an interesting angle. Was a bit surprised when 14 years gad passed but after all that, was sad to see such an ending. But 14 is a god age for any cat and I have had 10 of them. Well Done. You got my vote. Where do I vote? Evelyn

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