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A New [Out]Look

A New [Out]Look
A Stone on the Highway of Life

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bigger than you & I can move any stone from the highways of life. A book written by a person full of hope:-)

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Well, I AM glad I read this. Also glad I read the book Pollyanna and watched the movie (both versions) or that reference would have been lost on me. LET ALL PLAY THE "GLAD GAME!!!"

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Well written Paula,
I can relate to this story from my Mom's perspective.
Truly, I wish you all the best in all aspects of your life,

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I have found with God's help, we stand strong; we, as a family, pull together to help rather than pull or drift apart in time of need. It is a great comfort that I wish upon all...Paula

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Hats off to you and your family. I have personally witnessed how hard cancer could be both to the patient and his loved ones. The way you and your family stood strong through the trials, is really inspiring. I pray the best for all of you :)

Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

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Some of us are fortunate in knowing at the start, some not until later, and some, unfortunately,not until too late.

Marriage is a season of compromise and dedication. When we can finally put ourselves in another shoes, it is easier to accept the small and the big and the sometimes ugly facts life can dish out.

Everyone wants and needs love to grow and remembering the good and discarding the bad makes it easier to look forward...Paula

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It always takes a life time to find the true loved one but once you find them even our life will not be sufficient to enjoy their love towards us. I agree with you love is the only thing that helps you through thick and thin of life.

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for your comments...I too had a time of bitterness but was fortunate that it was not at the time of the strokes and cancers. Those were enough to battle. Yes, not all make it out alive on these battles but as I believe the spirit lives on, I take solace in the belief my loved ones are in a better place no longer wracked with pain.

God told us to forgive and that act is really for the forgiver. A weight is lifted and a new... mehr anzeigen

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You have great strength and a marvelous outlook. Keep wearing those earrings and lovely hats.

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