The Face of Evil

A Night of Fantasy Von:
The Face of Evil
Two sisters share a night of chilly psychological terror. Will they get to the root of the evil in this room and solve the mystery surrounding this house.

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Hi Paula, I knew you penned lovely children's stories, but you are multi-talented. I would love to read a compilation of your ghost stories.

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I believe you could elongate this to make the telling a bot clearer... but it also begs for more of the story to be told.

There's lots of, pardon the expression, fertile ground here and the treatment you've already given it makes me want for more.

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On a cold and stormy night! Ouija boards do talk- good built up and the figure on the window or curtain. No wonder little Perry is sick with that cold spot hovering..... Would this not be a good halloween story?

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Wow Paula. I loved this! I've read many books like this, but yours was one of the best. Great job!

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I already have a another ghost story called A Night in the Woods - written a little more low key then this one....thanks for the star..p

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