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Tales of Crime & Violence - Vol 3

Tales of Crime & Violence, Volume Three Von:
User: PaulWhite
Tales of Crime & Violence - Vol 3

The ideas and inspiration for these stories are as many and as varied as each of the individual tales.

They do not contain standard stories of theft, greed and wrongdoings, as one might expect.


Far from it.


 Tales of Crimes & Violence looks deeper into the human psyche, the mind and spirits of those involved.


Although all the tales in these books are about committing crime, or being involved in acts of violence, the real story being told is one of the people involved; why and how they came to be in this position.


Are they willing participants, or victims themselves? The innocent caught in the crossfire, or is there more to their presence than meets the eye?


All the stories in Tales Crime & Violence have underlying factors, deeper meanings, twists and stings to savour and enjoy.

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