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Rose is a Godchild: proud, demanding and independent. Phil is a mercenary: experienced, multi-talented and friendly. Their first meeting sets into motion a series of events that will change their lives and test their strengths. Can Phil win over the heart of the most willful woman he's ever met, or will Rose be able to rid herself of his romantic tactics? But a questionable romance is not the only issue appearing in their lives: a pair of brothers out for revenge, a rival Family seeking to topple Rose's father, and a stalker with a decidedly unhealthy interest in the couple all serve to stir the pot with romance, action and many, many challenges.

Mob, Gangster, Romance, Revenge, Variety, Action
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Plz write some more plz and hurry I need to read more and plz plz keep me updated and plz finish lol thanx can't wait to read more

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luv it write more plzzzzz

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