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The Dance Of The Spiral Virgins

Chapter 15-complete Von:
The Dance Of The Spiral Virgins
Marvin Quenton Fuster has had an interesting day. Very early on, he is rousted by a cop, and so flips him off...escaping miraculously. A bit later Esmeralda at the Salvation army Mission nearly lassos him in his naked state in the men's shower. He barely escapes her "charms", intent on finding the love of his (dream) life, Amy. He thinks an angel has told him she is to be found at the Governor's Mansion, and so he goes there seeking her. Instead, Anselm, the angel, jams his brain with nearly every classic book ever written. Overload. Marvin collapses in the driveway and is rescued by the governor's daughter, Maribeth.
Now her mission is to get him into the mansion where he can read the scientific books he's stolen. The problem is, introducing her new pet, her genius, to her mother and father...
Walking down the rear hall in the Mansion, Marvin and Maribeth hear voices coming from the main hall. When Marvin turns the corner, he stops in shock, dropping the stolen books...

Cast: Marvin Quenton Fuster-alcoholic derelict-turned-genius.
Maribeth Harris-The governor's daughter, Marvin's rescuer.
Richard and Trish Harris-The governor and his wife.
The Major-Head of the Salvation Army Mission nearby.
The Cop-the cop.
Anselm-Marvin's angel, sent to "lift him out of the ashes" of his life.
Robert-Head servant at the Mansion.

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Thanks so much to both of you for reading and taking the time to comment.

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Review - As always, Marvin never ceases to entertain me. From sharing his 'steak' dinner from the dumpster, to his resurrection on the lawn, Marvin is an interesting, complex character that the author has developed quite well. I've found viewing the world through the eyes of this character to stir in me compassion for those who are lost in this world. Wonderful job as always, want to read more as usual. Robynn

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Would like to read more when you update it but I think I'm missing something. Is this part of a series? I think I need to read the earlier parts.

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