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Searching For a Connection in the Rain

Searching For a Connection in the Rain
It's WAY too complicated.

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Adlin T.

I love this book. Searching for Connection in the Rain. Patrick on this we have so much in common. I was laughing because I too get so frustrated with the cable and in the internet carriers. Lol. Adlin

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Thanks so much, Adlin. It's based on a "true story". Our cable bill back then was hideously high, and so I decided to show them, lol. Just trying to get a live customer service operator on the line (after the fact) was like trying to climb Mount Everest naked.

Thanks so much for reading the story:)

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I laughed. OUT LOUD. Many times. I'm still smiling ear to ear actually. Do more!!! That describes hubby and I every time our internet has a vanishing spasm. Well, not to a perfect "T" but you get the general idea. I will be re-reading this from time to time. Thank you for the laugh, and understanding the pain that comes being internet-less, and portraying it to others so they would understand the suffering :)

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Yes, you did tell me, lol! It was SO embarrassing, too!
How DID we survive before the net, lol?

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I felt your pain....and I TOLD you to go the library. Weren't you listening? Yes, it is a sad day indeed that we are so dependent on the Internet. Don't you remember the days when we actually wrote letters by hand and posted them? I even remember being in England and having no phone. I had to use the one at work for my social life. Yet somehow we managed. No cell phones, no regular phones, no computers....just human... mehr anzeigen

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I think we got the genre correct, eh? I mean, me and all my other mes up there:) Mini-mes:)

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