Heinz 57

The county jail is an institution rife with violence and destruction until Rollo Heinz is brought in pending arraignment for burglary. Following a strange vision while waiting to be admitted, he is placed in a cell with "Beautiful" Myron Fleur. Together they hatch a plan to quell the violence, but not every inmate is on board, especially one Zippo Gonzalez.


Note: The info concerning the content length is totally incorrect. There are 81 pages when you open the "script". When I created the book for a contest here in 2011 (Wendy Reakes beat me out for 1st place, lol...that was okay, she is/was a pal, and even helped me edit it), I had a helluva' time formatting in normal script; mostly that the script was SO light!

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I really want to read this script. Is there any way to enlarge the words? I can't make out what they say. Lol!

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I used Celtx to write the original script. I think I copied and pasted the file into the Bookrix book. That's the reason the script is so small:( Maybe I can transfer the Celtx format into a Word doc and then reload it here...?
The reason I used Celtx is because it indents... mehr anzeigen

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A friend created this video for me a few years ago. I was stunned:)

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Private video it says.


Ah! Sorry:) Months ago I was worried that the images of Alec Baldwin, Peter Dinklage, Matt Damon, etc. would get me in trouble, so I must have set it as private:(

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It's for your enjoyment, not for commercial use. And there are thousands of videos like that on You Tube. Some even contain scenes from movies, which I think is worse than just pictures. I don't think you have much to worry.


I'll go make it public again. Thanks, T:)


Awesome video! I really enjoyed it and I think it summarizes the plot very well.

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This screenplay is the essence of a great movie. The characters are ripe with brilliant description and dialogue. It involves the reader deeply with the plot and makes each new page a joy to turn.

I look forward to seeing it at a theater near me soon. Kudos and I wish I could vote more than once.

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I do believe you're one of those writers who have been blessed with a vast, natural ability for doing screenplays. And despite any "fried brain" issues, the results appear both effortless and professional. Bravo, Pat! Here's my eagerly tendered vote!

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What I said earlier. Bravo! Take a bow Patrick. This is a complete package- not just a story. Listen- see- This story can be read and experienced at many levels.

Understanding of the fine arts demonstrated by the author sets this piece apart from many.

The storyline and characters are great and the use of art and chosen music carries a message of the power of the fine arts into a tough real life situation.

I cannot speak to... mehr anzeigen

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That was a amazing I just had to give you my vote best luck in winning:) You definately diserve it

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