Laughing Waters, Roaring Thunder

Cabin Creek Von:
Laughing Waters, Roaring Thunder
Jimmy, Mickey and I go to Cabin Creek for a late summer vacation. There we will find angry grizzlies, shaking aunties, and last but not least, Sara, aka "Ginsberg".

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This is a very interesting and wonderful story. It is so hilarious, I could not stop laughing and crying when I read certain parts.

You have a way with words. For example: “we screamed bloody murder and lit out like three Bambis for the safety of the cabin”. I really enjoyed this. You have written a masterpiece.

Excellent writing!

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It was wonderful story! Very detailed. I could picture everything going on and I loved every minute of it. It reminds me of when I use to go on vacation with my family and go camping. :) Great job!

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J.C. Laird

Brings back memories of when my sister and I would vacation at my grandparents cabin on Long Lake in Michigan, and the friends we met in the neighboring cabins...those were great times...

Nicely written and perfectly edited; a very enjoyable read.

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Paper Planes

As usual, you've crafted a charming, funny, delight of a story. I wish I could read every story with the ease that I can read yours. You're a master story-teller, no doubt about it :)

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