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Dear Diary--A Journal From Hell

Dear Diary--A Journal From Hell

It brings shudders to everyone, if only in our secret thoughts. What do YOU imagine it to be? A nightmarish kingdom such as the one Hieronymus Bosch envisioned, perhaps? A perilous account by Dante, guided by Virgil?

What would happen if you were unjustly sentenced to go there...without an explanation why? For all Eternity?

I received a package in the mail recently, wrapped in a battered and soot-blackened wrapping. Intrigued, yet somewhat wary of the contents that might lie within, I poured myself a cup of strong coffee, retired to my comfortable chair in the living room of my modest home in front of a cheerful fire, and then opened it tentatively.

There was no note; no explanation concerning the "gift"--who might have sent it, or by what post it was initiated. A thin book, in worse condition than the package wrapping. Scarred by fire, bent at the edges, altogether distressing.

No title. No author name.

I carefully flipped the cover, curious but unafraid by then. I had opened...a diary. An account written by the hand of a man named Terence, as I was to discover. The first words captivated me. "He's watching me. He beats me when I cross his path." The rough script nearly illegible at first.

And so, I read on. This was NOT Dante, but it was fascinating. See for yourself. Take a seat before your warm, crackling fire, and then walk with this soul through Hell.

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Anthony Haven

Great job Felix! I enjoyed this one a lot. Love your descriptions. It had me turning page after page.

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Wow! This sounds like a very interesting place. Wouldn't want to live there. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to visit either.

But reading about it was Interesting.

Well done.

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I sat and read aloud, your story to a friend today. She and I were deep into your story by the second page. The story kept our attention and I read it completely in one setting. It's a wonderful writing and I'm happy that at no time during, I could guess what was going to happen next. My friend only stated, 'that was a good story!' I, on the other hand, give you a bow of appreciation for your talent and say Thank you for sharing......RB

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great book loved it the first time i read it and enjoyed again this is a time less book

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We all HOPE that our readers become so engaged by the story that they will read all the way through at a single sitting:) I'm thrilled that you did so. This two-word reply seems so inadequate, but...Thank you:)

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