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Revision: 2-01-18


At a scenic lodge high in the Rocky Mountains, Matthew Ash, failing but world-renowned author, meets one Isabella Barrington, a beautiful young businesswoman vacationing and sorting out the problems of her own life. What begins on a sour note soon turns into the tale of two people of vastly different ages and backgrounds falling silently, but hopelessly in love against all odds. Matthew must finish the book he is uninspired to complete within a month—a book so bad it will likely end his career. Isabella, who has read the first horrible chapter of the manuscript at his request, convinces him to trash it and begin a new one with real depth and meaning, before she sadly leaves the lodge to return to her lover in California, a man whom she no longer has any feelings for.
Matthew begins The Book of Angelina, a moving ode to Isabella, seemingly gone forever from his life.
Isabella, having gone home and cut the ties with her crushed lover, realizes—perhaps too late—that her heart is a thousand miles away in the hands of Matthew Ash.
What transpires in this untraditional love affair is a counterpoint of hope and ultimate loss.

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I love the cover art. Very unique. You write with such ease. Wow what a love story this is. Exceptionally done! :)

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Yes. Wow!
Poor Father Daryl. One minute on the hand of God, sailing through the cosmos...the next desperately dying of a broken heart. Maybe the best scene I've yet written? Thank you, Karl Jenkins:)

Where DID I find that cover!!!!??

Thank you, Serena:)

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The last line where you say you want to leave this earth because she is gone really got to me. The cover make me want to go there. Serena

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