Barnum Lake

Barnum Lake
What becomes of youth and innocence in the face of tragedy?
A story chronicling the life and first loves of a young boy in 1957; a time when life was simpler, but loss of loves was as painful as ever.

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this is the best story.I can't waite for more

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My Barnum Lake was Walford's pond. It is always amazing to me how different we are at the same time so similar. I was raised in a small town in Oklahoma and spent my Sundays at the First Southern Baptist Church yet the emotional roller coaster you vividly painted was the same I road growing up. Nice job.

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tale is very well told because the pictures you paint can be "seen" inside.

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Now that the holidays are over -- and all the chores are done -- it is time to relax and read with relish. And oh, indeed, how I relished this peek into the past. Our past, I might add. Your fifties were very different from mine - but I could so relate to many of the boyish incidents you described so beautifully. First love - friendships - bullies around the corner - the shops and the movies. A simpler time, no doubt, but... mehr anzeigen

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You have written an excellent story about the ups and down of childhood amongst friends and enemies.

I love the book cover. It pulls you in and keeps you there, and the way you brought the characters to life. The very touching description of the boys at the lake on the ice and the race for survival.

Exceptional writing.

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This was so awesome..You got every detail in here that was great. You could see the boys running, and you could feel what they were feeling:) I can't wait to read some more of your work..

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Once again, a tale well told. I especially like the quick, clean prose such as "a face as white as a clean sheet of paper." This is what makes you an author on the cutting edge. It is easy for the reader to connect with your characters. There is a realness to them as well as moral conundrums. The only hiccup I noticed was the switching of time lines, from the skating, to back story, to the skating. Lost me a little there.... mehr anzeigen

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that could have been based on fact.
I loved your plot and character development, and the dashes of humor throughout, but the emotional ending topped it all for me.

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I loved it. And I can relate to it because I am a teenager. It was well written and everything. Good Job!! I could literally see the lake and everything! I absolutly loved it!!

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