Nice Game

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Nice Game

There is nothing more exciting than anticipation. At 9:30 I am booked to tee off on the first hole on my golf course. The sun is shining and fresh air fills my lungs. Together with my friend I will spend approximately the next five hours playing golf, which has been my hobby for the last three years.
You probably also know this situation. How you played the last round of golf determines how you are looking forward to the next round. You are standing at the first tee-off and wish each other a “Nice Game“.
Playing golf on a course where trolleys are not allowed is especially difficult, as the players have to carry their golf clubs themselves and the golf bag is very heavy. Just imagine that there is a person, a golf expert, watching you and offering to caddy for you for the day. If you accept the offer, your caddy will take the golf bag from your shoulders and carry it for you for the day. What a great relief this would be....

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