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A Story Becoming Reality

A Story Becoming Reality
My names Leah. Leah Knight. My life is nothing but boring. But, one story changed all that.

Leah is a seventeen year old girl that all she does is pity herself, isolate herself in her room, and listen to music to escape her world. She thinks her life is worthless with having no friends caused by her shyness and quietness and falling for a guy that has no idea she even exists. Leah tries her best to get by the days with the same thing happening everyday. But, as soon as Leah makes a wish on a star and gets
an idea for her next story, her life with finally change.

fantasy, writing, story, love, reality
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Thanks and I write it in detail since this book is based on my life.

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I like the way your taking time. A good clear voice for your book. And quite honestly, a good bit of it speaks to parts of me as well.
TEN pages in. LOVE IT.

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