The Witch

The Witch
My take on the age-old tale of Good vs. Evil.

Blurb.Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb. Blurb.

Witch, Magic, Battle, Evil, Good
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I like it! Do you plan to continue that story?

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Ooooh, that was interesting! I liked the concept! Good description too...

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Paper Planes

Thanks! :)

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The kenspeckled cover made me think the good would prevail. I had thought the dark witch would just be a Troglodyte, or at least a Tatterdemalion.

Sorry to use so many Sesquipedalians in this comment, but I don't often find good places to use them.

Good book! Keep it up!

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I really liked your book and I hope, that you´ll continue that story. It sounds really promising :)

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I sincerely do hope that this is not just a one of tale, but that there will be a continuation of it. Though short, I was immediately immersed in the characters and the story to come.

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i love this! i didnt expect it at all you are a very good writer and i will be reading more of your works :)

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That was a great twist at the end. And it made me think of the darkness that everyone has inside of themselves. I wonder if I am more powerful than my own darkness? Oh well, who knows!

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