Seed of 3 Goals, 1 Vision

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Seed of 3 Goals, 1 Vision
‘Three goals, one vision’ concept aims to bring towards the people an awareness to live a fulfilling and a meaningful life. Goals may be sub-divided to have new sub-goals within it creating a strong root of growth for a lifetime success. Why not give a try to form a vision. It explains us to have three important dimensions of the world for our well being on this earth. These are termed as goal-vision because it has both periodical short term needs and a long term vision. Short term needs are crafted in the circle of goals and the long term need is crafted in the vision.

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"Im Going Home"

Lord thank you for this life,
As I have lived a full life,
It was not always as I would have like,
But I lived it to the best of what I could,
Im going home; Home to the place I want to be,
Im going home to Jesus where He waits for me,
I have been a long weary believer,
As Ive been away to long,
I now know what Ive been searching for,
As He's been there in me all along,
Im going home; Home is the place I want to be,
Im... mehr anzeigen

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