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Have No Reason

Have No Reason
"Get off me," I spat at him, and he laughed hard. It was evil, and it made me feel weak. Weaker than I already was. He had me pinned up against the lockers with my hands above my head.

He shook his head. "No, I'm gonna find out what you're hiding, once and for all, bitch." He told me, and started to unzip my baggy sweater. No! I thrashed even more, but somehow he got it off me. Now all I was left in my thin tank top. I wasn't fat. I had a four-pack, slim waist, and curves. I also had breasts too big for my petite figure.

I felt a cold breeze on my legs, and I looked down. That motherfucker tore off my sweatpants! He was lucky I put on some sleeping shorts this morning...

"You fucking bastard! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I shouted at him, but I could tell he wasn't listening to me anymore.

That made me even more annoyed at him. First he hunts me down, all the while saying how ugly and fat I am. Now, he can't tear his eyes off of me. I smirked, I could use this to my advantage, I thought...

Not the best "blurb" but please read it! It's really good, if I do say so myself, haha.

Werewolf, Hatred, Secrets, Love, Betrayal, Mate
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Ummm i have an idea ~
Alex is in hospital or something, griffin and francisco get in a verbal fight over whose fault it was, griffin says its Francisco's fault and that he is not fit to be her mate, guilt flashes over francisco ,he believes that he is not fit for his mate and leaves the country for her happiness ,Alex gets better soon and griffin confesses to her but she rejects him for Francisco, griffin proposes to at least... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

No offence intended

Gelöschter User

Pfft XD

crimson _blood_

I think i like this idea..

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I am torn...I understand why you are too! I would like to see how Alex feels about both of them. I was thrown by her having two mates.

Great Story!!!

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Gelöschter User

um isn't there technically sexual abuse and anger issues in the story...

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update? i'm thinking maybe she should share the guys? i know it sounds soo weird, but it makes the story better if she gets both guys, but still feels different about both of them.

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But isn’t she dying! Did I miss an update


thats true, but the author would not kill the main character until she has done something amazing.

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