The Ward Of King Canute

Part II Von:
The Ward Of King Canute
For The Facts Of This Romance I Have Made Free Use Of The Following
Authorities: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; The Venerable Bede'S
Ecclesiastical History Of England; Ingulph'S History Of The Abbey Of
Croyland; William Of Malmesbury'S Chronicle Of The Kings Of England; The
Chronicles Of Florence Of Worcester; Lingard'S History And Antiquities
Of The Anglo-Saxon Church, And Lingard'S History Of England; Dean
Spencer'S The White Robe Of Churches; Collier'S Ecclesiastical History
Of Great Britain; Montalembert'S Monks Of The West; Thrupp'S Anglo-Saxon
Home; Hall'S Queens Before The Conquest; Kemble'S Saxons In England;
Ridgway'S Gem Of Thorney Island; Brayley And Britton'S History Of The
Ancient Palace And Late Houses Of Parliament; Loftie'S Westminster
Abbey And Loftie'S History Of London; Allen'S History And Antiquities
Of London; Lappenberg'S History Of England Under The Anglo-Saxon Kings;
Sharon Turner'S History Of The Anglo-Saxons; Knight'S Old England;
Hume'S History Of England; Green'S Conquest Of England; Thierry'S
History Of The Conquest Of England By The Normans; Freeman'S History Of
The Norman Conquest.

For The Translations Of Ha'Vama'L, Etc., Used At The Beginnings Of The
Chapters, I Am Indebted To Professor Rasmus B. Anderson And Mr. Paul Du

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