Vlady the Vampire

Vlady the Vampire
This book is recommended for children (including adult children) who enjoy vampire stories and an inkling dark humor. Social and self-acceptance are among the central themes of the book.

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Vlady the Vampire
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The book was great. You know that your character was a real person, born in 1431, that brought fear into the hearts of others?!
Other than that, great rhymes and pictures!

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so adorable! Just loved it. so well thought out and have to am am very happy for vlady!

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I loved it. It was a cute story. My own two, small boys enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. =-)

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What a versatile writer you are; as well as an artist!

This was--what's the right word I can use--'delightful'!!

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That was awesome! I read it to my 7 year old son, and he said, "Cool! Does he have more vampire stories?"
I think I have to agree with him. Will there be more Vlady???

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