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The Good Old Songs We Used to Sing, '61 to '65

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The Good Old Songs We Used to Sing, '61 to '65
Osborn H. I. Oldroyd (1842-1930) was a Civil War seargent, writer, and collector of Lincoln memorabilia. He enlisted in the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1861, at the age of 19 and joined the Union Army at Camp Chase, Ohio in October of that year. During his time in the Grand Army of the Republic, Oldroyd kept a journal of military events and personal recollections. In 1885 he published portions of this under the title A Soldier’s Story of the Siege of Vicksburg.

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Nice concept...dope

Anybody else disappointed that Matt got cut off at the end while predicting comments, subscriptions and likes? \n\nIt must've been terrible. \n\nBut it could've been fun though!!


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