Prayers for my Wife

Powerful prayers to change my Wife for better Von:
Prayers for my Wife

Presently, the home is under serious attack, and in most cases, wives in every home are always a prime target.  The devil's number one enemy is the godly home.  The home is therefore a primary target of the devil. 

Are you experiencing turbulence in your marital life?  Is your wife frustrating your marriage up to the point of divorcing you? Is your marriage a nightmare? 

Are you a Man and you are facing the following problems in your marriage?

Is your wife demanding for money anyhow, without budgeting?

Your wife doesn’t want more kids but you just want one more?

Do you discover now that you are not sexually compatible with your wife?

Do you discover that your wife doesn’t spend time with the kids?

Is your wife not telling you everything that happens to her daily?

Is your wife snoring as loud as a freight train and you don’t know what to do?

Your wife doesn’t respect your career goals as much as you do.

Your wife is not showing interest in going on a date with you anymore.

She is not always around you; at times you feel you are single.

She is not showing interest in sex like before.

Then this book is for you.  It is my prayer that the good Lord shall certainly use this book to turn the situation around in your marriage.

With this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Prayers to arrest your Wife’s bad behavior in your marriage.
  • Prayers that destroy the powers promoting marriage destruction
  • Prayers to judge the enemies of your wife
  • Twenty-one days prayers and fasting for your wife

Marriage is God’s will for man. The first man He created, He provided a wife for him and blessed their marriage.

Satan hates marriage. He brought a marital crisis that made the couples start trading blames for the causes of their failure in obeying God’s command. From then till now, divorce and promiscuity are reoccurring events from the pit of hell which was introduced in marriage by the devil. Jesus taught that it was not so from the beginning.

Besides that, the devil also introduced barrenness which he is using to wreak havoc in many homes from then till now. The Devil knew that marriage is God for man doesn’t want this will of God to come true in the lives of marriageable men and women. Through poverty, spell, etc. he had hindered many from enjoying this purpose of God in their lives. But thanks be to God, who through His miraculous power broke such bondage in the lives of numerous individuals and families.

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