Overcoming the Spirit of Difficulties and Struggles

Powerful prayers that breaks the yoke of struggle and difficulties and launches you into uncommon blessings Von:
Overcoming the Spirit of Difficulties and Struggles

In life, difficult times will definitely come, our faith will be tested, but we should never let them define who we are, you may have questions in your heart, as a Christian, you believe you are supposed to be blessed, live a perfect life because the spirit of the perfect God is in you. Challenges and hurdles may be in your way, you have prayed, fasted, study the word, received revelation but nothing is changing, even Abraham the father of faith has questions in his heart so who are you not have questions on the circumstances you find yourself, but do not let those circumstances define you, Jesus has overcome the world for you, all you need is joy in your heart to accept the fact that those pain, challenges, sickness, hardship are not to bring you down but prepare you for the glory that is to be revealed in you.


Difficult times are times of trials when our faith and strength is been tested to make us strong and to also make us stand firm in the Lord. The reality is God uses trials to enhance and strengthen our faith. In this book, we are looking at some inspirational prayers that will enable us overcome difficult times. No matter how radiant and pleasant our life is, we will definitely still experience our trying moments, it is sacrosanct like the air we breathe like the water we drink. So when the time comes for us to experience difficulty, how we accept the temporary moment until we see our victory at the end matters. Job experienced a difficult moment, his hope and trust in God helped him conquer all.


From this book, you will discover:

  1. How to deal with the difficulties of life
  2. How to overcome the spirit of fear
  3. How to overcome every persistent traces of poverty in your life
  4. How to overcome the various hardship of life
  5. How to break militating struggles affecting your destiny


This book is designed to completely break the yoke of persistent difficulties and struggles in your life and effectively launch you into your uncommon favor, blessings and full fulfillment of your destiny.  Prayers that will address the different areas of difficulty you are experiencing have been fully packaged in this book. I implore you to pray those prayers fervently till your victory fully manifest.


With this book, you will learn about:

  • Prayers that destroys difficulties and struggles
  • Prayers that overcomes the spirit of adversity
  • Prayers that overcomes the spirit of setbacks and disappointments
  • Prayers that overcomes spiritual oppositions
  • Prayers that gives one victory over every challenges of life.


As you pray these prayers in this book Overcoming the Spirit of Difficulties Struggles you shall be victorious and your testimonies will manifest in Jesus’ name. AMEN.


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