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I Am Not Ready To Die

Warfare Prayers Against The Spirit of Premature Death Von:
I Am Not Ready To Die

God created man to fulfill his purpose on earth. But today, the cemetery is full of unfulfilled destinies, cut short in the prime of their life and as a result, they could not fulfill the original purpose of God for their life. Premature death is now frequent, even among believers.

 I am happy to tell you that every believer can claim victory over untimely death. Long life is one of God’s covenant rights for us. Are you ready to live? Do you want to fulfill your days after the orders of our covenant fathers in the Old Testament, who lived for many years on the earth? If your answer is capital YES. Then, this book is for you.

This book will show you the top secret of long life, and reveal to you how you can avoid, and defeat the spirit of premature death. Get this book, and you will set yourself, free from the fear of premature death. Long life is your heritage!



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