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Powerful Prayers to Destroy the Spirit of Infirmities and Diseases Von:

Infirmity is a condition or disease that produces weakness and can lead to death. Sickness, disease, infirmity, and pain are now rampant on earth. Mostly, infirmities and diseases are demonic in nature.  This book is a mini spiritual warfare prayer book specifically targeted at destroying infirmities and diseases of kidney, liver, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and any strange diseases in your body and blood system.

Each topic in this booklet that concerns you should be prayed with 7days fasting for a minimum of 1-hour praise and worship each day.

The booklet can be used anytime during the day but I strongly advise you to pray in the night between the hours of 12 am to 3 am, since you are engaging in warfare prayers.

The power of Jehovah Rapha will heal you and set you free from the bondage of infirmities and diseases through this book. Get your copy now!



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