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Love Is No Fairy Tale

User: Liv000
Love Is No Fairy Tale

18 year old Amanda feels lost thanks to her mothers death.  Bouncing from foster care to foster care, Amanda cant remember what being at home even feels like. but things take a turn for the better as she is taking in by her grandmother Sara, a lady with flare and youth on the inside. but Aamanda cant help notice that everyone seemse to know Sara so well. what will happen as Amanda gets a little more attention then she expected, from a mysterious boy whos curious or a jock who has his eyes on the prize. does she dare choose between them or does fate have something else is mind?



Werwolves, Fairy, Vampire, Romance, Love
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In the process of updating

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Read my books and don't hold back on giving me update ideas!!!!

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I like this but I guess I was looking for it to be a normal book lol. But it's great the way it is. There's some editing that needs to be done here but other than that it's great!

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