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"Please, let me be a Seiyuu!"

"Please, let me be a Seiyuu!"
Samuel Johnathan Evans. A grand-sounding name, right? Nevertheless, the boy behind the name isn’t all that spectacular. In truth, Sam is a nerd, but not just any nerd. While his siblings are busy watching the latest episode of School Rumble, he’s imagining bigger things for himself. Instead of just watching anime, he wants to be in anime, and the only way he’s going to do that is to get accepted into Newberry Fine Arts Academy. Sam may want to fulfill his dream, but he soon finds out that ‘easy’ will never describe his journey. Battling amnesia, mending a broken girl’s heart, and dealing with personal problems are only the start. That, and controlling his fake American accent. From recruiters and teachers, to rivals and meddling family members, Sam just keeps repeating his desperate plea: “Please, let me be a Seiyuu!”

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